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The Sunday Post Heath & Wellbeing Supplement 27.08.2023

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Creatives: Peak Perseverance:

Collodion Photography from Skye


January 2021

The Royal Photographic Society Contemporary Group

Photography that conveys ideas, stimulates thought and encourages interpretation; photographs "about" rather than "of".

My work was selected to feature in an article during the COVID-19 Pandemic, explaining how MentalCollodion was raising awareness about mental ill-health and inspiring positivity surrounding the subject.

My work was selected to be published in the luxury life magazine during the summer of 2021 - I also won a Global Wedding Award for my portraiture photography.


"Simon Riddell, owner of SR Film Photography, fundamentally understands this core concept and uses his work to raise awareness into wellbeing and mental health. After all, it would be a gross understatement to say that the events of the last twelve months have proven to be an anchor on the mental health of thousands of individuals across the UK."

June 2021

The Ross-Shire Journal interviewed me with respect to my involvement with the Channel 4 Reality TV show SAS: Who Dares Wins.

I was responsible for the Health, Safety, and Fire related concerns at the WWII underground oil storage facility located at Inchindown, within the Scottish Highlands.  I also fixed the location over the course of several weeks to enable filming to take place.

Whilst working with the crew, I spoke with Ant Middleton regarding my mindset at the time.

Emulsive Magazine publishes an interview with me surrounding the Mental Collodion project in July 2021

Emulsive Magazine interviewed me in October 2020 with regard to gaining an insight into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and how analogue and wet plate collodion photography enables me to recover

BBC's Mary McCool interviewed me with regard to the feature-length documentary I shot with David Allen, called 'One Shot:Inchindown', where we converted the underground infrastructure into the worlds largest darkroom.

Simon Riddell’s Wet Plate Collodion - An interview with Analog Cafe, entitled

'Healing and Self-Discovery Through the 19th Century Photographic Process'

Published on January 5, 2021


Magazine of the Analogue Special Interest Group of The Royal Photographic Society: Issue 6 - Published on Apr 17, 2018  

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